Dream Team .. membentuk pelapis ..

Dream Team .. membentuk pelapis ..
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Sunday, December 9, 2012

MUSIC THERAPY ... menyanyilah

petikan article / berita -  Singing is healing .
Berlin, (DPA) - The text of the song is very simple: Bobo male, shu, shu maya. Franz Berwind, a music therapist, sings it out loud to a group of about 20 women and men seated around him.
gambar ehsan --hiasan .. 

Some of them look shyly toward the floor and mumble the text tentatively as the meeting begins. But by the end of the hour the mood is different. They are moving to the rhythm of the songs and lifting their voices up proudly.
The scene was at a hospital for psychiatry, psychotherapy and psychosomatic medicine at Werneck Castle near Schweinfurt, Germany. It places faith in the healing power of singing. The hospital is one of at least 14 in Germany which are members of the singing hospital association.
The hospitals run on the principle that singing can keep people healthy, which many scientific studies have proved to be accurate, and there are many music therapists using music in their work.
The international network of singing hospitals have made it a goal to increase people’s well-being by offering group singing under the leadership of trained directors. People who sing along should feel better afterward.
“No-one has as of yet thrown their crutches away on the way out of a singing session and shouted, ‘I’m healed,’” said Paul Strobel, director of the complementary therapy department at Werneck Castle, but he says you notice that singing brings a positive change.
The positive effects of singing on the body and mind have been proved by numerous studies, said Tonius Timmermann, director of the research centre for music and health at Germany’s University of Augsburg.
“It stimulates the breathing and the body and brain receive a better supply of oxygen. Singing strengthens the immune defences and it lends itself to the prevention of violence because it breaks down the male hormone testosterone,” Timmermann said. It also increases the production of endorphins.
“The increased level of the feel-good hormone has a pain-relieving effect and can brighten the mood,” said Timmermann. Better circulation, more mobile joints, less stomach bile, a stable pulse are all linked to singing. “People who sing a lot live healthier and longer than the average life expectancy.”
Participants confirm that they feel the difference.
“I have been getting a lot more positive things out of of life since I’ve been singing here,” said a 54-year-old woman who suffered for many years from depression, listlessness and anxiety. She has become more self-confident and views things more calmly now. “Aside from that I am with people who understand me and that’s good.”
The men and women tap their toes and snap their fingers in time with the music. It’s better to sing loud and wrong than right and bashfully, Berwind said. Many people have withdrawn into themselves. “Here they come out of their shell again.”
He consciously chooses unknown songs that can be sung in multiple voices. The singers want to be challenged, he said of the participants.
The singing group at Werneck is not exclusively for patients, but also hopes to attract many from outside the hospital and break down some of the reservations people have about psychiatry.
“For us it’s about appreciating the value of music. Singing is healing. That’s what we want to show,” said Berwind.
The singing hospital network is also is aimed at homes for the elderly, the disabled and kindergartens. The philosophy is that the more people sing together the better.

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